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Partex Petro

Partex Petro Limited is recognized as the leading Condensate Refinery, in Bangladesh showcasing our unwavering dedication to excellence in the energy industry. With a refining capacity of 12,000 barrels, we play a role in shaping the energy landscape of our nation.

Our journey has been characterized by an unyielding commitment to innovation, sustainability and delivering top notch quality. From the beginning we have embraced state of the art technologies and industry best practices to meet the changing demands of the market.

As a trusted name within our industry, we take pride in contributing to the energy security and economic growth of our nation. Our team of experts along with our cutting-edge infrastructure and rigorous quality standards ensure that we continuously set benchmarks for excellence in refining.

At Partex Petro Limited our vision extends beyond meeting expectations; it revolves around surpassing them. We remain steadfast in practicing sustainability, environmental stewardship and fostering partnerships that drive progress within the energy sector.

We sincerely appreciate your choice to partner with Partex Petro Limited for your energy needs. Together we strive towards creating a more sustainable future for Bangladesh and, beyond.

Late. M. A. Hashem


Syeda Shaireen Aziz


Rubel Aziz

Managing Director

Innovation and Collaboration: Our Path to Excellence

At Partex Petro Ltd, we firmly believe that innovation and collaboration are the cornerstones of our success in delivering value to our customers, shareholders, and stakeholders. With a commitment to driving positive change, we have established ourselves as a pioneer in the energy industry.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence extends to working closely with the world's leading research institutions and universities. Through these partnerships, our team of dedicated scientists and engineers harnesses the power of innovation to develop cutting-edge technology solutions that address the critical needs of society.

Innovation isn't just a buzzword for us; it's ingrained in our DNA. We leverage our scale, integration, and decades of experience in research and development to create solutions that go beyond industry standards. By doing so, we empower our industrial and commercial customers to meet the challenges of today while reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

At Partex Petro Ltd, we recognize that our role extends beyond being an industry leader. We are stewards of the environment and champions of sustainability. Through innovation and collaboration, we are paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

Thank you for choosing Partex Petro Ltd as your trusted partner. Together, we are driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and shaping a brighter tomorrow for all.


At Partex Petro, evolution is in our DNA. We're devoted to meeting the embryonic needs of our valued customers and stakeholders. Our adaptability has been contributory in forming long lasting value and will remain vital for our imminent success. Sustainability is at the core of our corporate strategy, impeccably integrated into everything we do. Together, we're shaping a sustainable future.

Environmental Management

At Partex Petro, our environmental management approach is entrenched in a philosophical understanding of the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of our operations. We are steadfast in our pledge to developing, maintaining, and operating projects responsibly. Our devotion to high standards ensures that we safeguard the future – protecting tomorrow, today.

What We Do

Axens France and UOP America are globally recognized as leading authorities in the granting of refinery licenses. Partex Petro Limited has chosen to collaborate with Axens France in the design of its CRU and KNHT units. Through this partnership, Partex Petro Ltd has not only achieved the construction of high-quality facilities, incorporated sulfur removal processes, but also ensured the production of top-tier petroleum products.

Finished Goods
Product Name Quantity M.T
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) 43 M.T
MS (RON 89) 313 M.T
Premium Gasoline (RON 100) 290 M.T
Jet Fuel 228 M.T
JBO 150 M.T
Diesel 271 M.T
Process Loss 130 M.T
Total 1425 M.T

Product Application
Products Application
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Domestic and industrial fuel
Diesel Transportation and Industrial fuel
JET A-1 Aviation fuel
Motor Spirit Transportation fuel
Premium Octane Transportation fuel
Heavy Naphtha Feedstock for KNHT and CRU
Light Naphtha Feedstock for KNHT and CRU

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Rubel Aziz
Managing Director

Subir kumar Ghose

Corporate Office:
74 Bir Uttam A.K. Khandaker Sarak, Mohakhali C/A
Dhaka - 1212, Bangladesh.
Phone: +880 2 222 262888 / Fax: +880 2 984 3888



Dangarchar Road 3, Ward 1 (KA), Julda Union Parishad,
Karnaphuli, Chittagong, Bangladesh